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Mom Blog to Money Blog
Bring Home the Bacon in 30 Days or Less!
by Laurie Turk owner of Tip

Welcome to the Mom Blog to Money Blog online training workshop!   If you’ve already registered for the online training and are a paid member, you will be able to access these daily assignments simply by clicking on the links below.  This workshop is meant to be completed in order, as each day teaches you a skill-set which you will need in order to complete the next days’ assignment.

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Get your Bang for your Buck

I Love Bacon

Week 1:  Sharpen Your Tools

1.  Fix your blog layout to generate cash
2.  Increase the number of readers that see your blog posts
3.  Automate social media sharing
4.  Protect your social identity, girl
5.  Design a beautiful blog
6.  Create site pages that do the work for you
7.  Create a posting schedule

Week 2:  Cookin’ up the Bacon!

8.  Copy my ‘tried and true’ money post template
9.  Generate high traffic with high-interest
10.  Work smarter, not harder
11.  Make cents out of Adsense
12.  Get paid for every page view
13.  Get paid to link
14.  Reward your readers, don’t bribe them

Week 3:  Turn Up the Heat

15.  Multiply traffic using your blog stats
16.  Must use WordPress plug-ins
17.  Monetize your most popular posts
18.  High traffic ~ tricks of the trade
19.  Email makes money too
20.  Increase income using your product/service/Etsy shop
21.  Generate traffic, status, and income using giveaways

Week 4:  Spice It Up with a Sous Chef

22.  You’re not alone, so create a support system
23.  Amplify the work of others
24.  Succeed with Linky Party strategies
25.  Connect at Conferences
26.  Time Saving Tools
27.  Webmaster Tools for Women
28.  Brand and protect your photos
29.  Work with brands effectively and as a business
30.  Business blogging tool kit

Cleaning Up the Kitchen

Join:  They will Connect You with Brands

As we’ve discussed throughout the workshop, having a blog alliance is key!  I work with these incredible companies and you can too.
So sign up today… don’t delay. {wink}

Earn Passive Income!


This workshop is designed to be completed in order by day.  You can skip days if you want to, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  This is not a workshop on ‘how to blog’, how to work with brands, or even how to set up a WordPress blog.   This online workshop is a step-by-step guide on how to create a system that maximizes the work you are already doing on your blog.  This the exact system I use for Tip Junkie which increases page views and generates passive income.

Also included in the Mom Blog Money Blog online workshop are 16 Printable Checklists and 17 How-To Videos with screen-capture technology as well as 30 day activities and assignments which breaks the tasks down into for beginner and advanced bloggers.