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About Laurie Turk

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Less than a ticket to a blog conference, the Mom Blog Money Blog online workshop gives you everything you need to know to turn your Mom Blog into a Money Blog,
in your own home and at your own pace.

About the Author

Laurie Turk started blogging in June 2007 on the Blogger platform at back in the day when selling a “sponsored ad” on ones sidebar wasn’t even a possibility, let alone a way to earn passive income.  She catapulted her business from her blogspot blog to a WordPress blog to her own site with multiple dedicated servers.  Her passion for finding the beautiful moments in life along with systems that work have enabled her to thrive as an entrepreneur while helping thousands of women get recognized for their talent.

Laurie Turk the Tip Junkie
On paper Laurie doesn’t have a lustrous career, awards, or impressive acknowledgements to link to.  She doesn’t have a college degree.  In fact, she only has 9 community college credits to her name, all from night school, with an average C- grade!

Tip Junkie Traffic 2007 through 2012 Graph
However, by following her passion in life to promote creative women, Laurie has single-handedly taken her blog from 30,815 page views a year to over 60,000,000!  {see above graph}  She did this while being a wife and stay-at-home mom to 3 young boys.  If she can do it, you can too!!!

Year    # Page Views for

2007         30,815
2008    1,195,712
2009    2,800,606
2010    4,446,627
2011    39,410,254
2012    60,708,547

Adsense screenshot

{Google AdSense screen shot earnings for October 2012}

Today earns over $12,000 a month in passive income. {You did read that correctly:  $12,000 a month.  That’s not a typo.}

mom blog money blog laurie turk tip junkie online training workshop

The Mom Blog Money Blog online training workshop lays out exactly how Laurie did it and how you can re-create her system in 30 days.

Huge Thanks!

Even though this online workshop was written by Laurie Turk, many people contributed to it behind the scenes.  So special thanks {and hugs} go out to Angie Lee, Cindy Hopper, Holly Homer, Amanda Nelson, Emily Ward, Phil Newton, Tiffany and Francesca, and Jason Turk {Mr.Junkie}.  This training workshop would not be as educational, inclusive, or beautiful without your support, feedback, encouragement, and mad skills.  {knuckle bumps}

Women In Business ROCK!