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27 Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

Since we’re learning how to work smarter, not harder here in Day 10, I thought it would be appropriate to list a bunch of ways you can make money using your blog.  There are more ways that this, but I’m sure these 27 different ways to make money from your blog will help your creative juices start flowing so you can brainstorm ideas on how to incorporate these income generating revenue streams into your blog niche, goals, and purpose.

27 Ways to Make Money From Your Blog
{Angie, Holly,  Amy, and  Me at I Heart Faces Conference}

27 Ways to Make Money from your Blog

Every blogger is completely unique.  Think about it this way,  no one else has YOUR life experience, triumphs  trials, skill set and sense of style.  We each bring something different to the table as well as a unique perspective or point of view.  Own it!

Use your blog to create your own experience, create triumph out of your trials, and create as many ways to generate income as possible!  Here are several ways you use your blog to make money:

1. Google Adsense from High Traffic
2. Private Ad Networks
3. Brand Campaigns
4. Sell a Product or Service
a. Photography ~ having a blogger send you a printable and you style the shoot and send them all the images.
b. Create printables or digital products.
5. eBooks or Online Training
6. Book Deal
7. Giveaways
8. Contests or Monthly Themes
9. Consultant: with brands, small business owners, fellow bloggers
10. Spokesperson {more mainstream video, interview, commercial}
11. Endorsement deals ~ wearing or using a product for online. {not review}
12. Licensing designs or letting people use your name
13. Tribe collaborations with other bloggers {Spring Fling}
14. Facebook : Featured Pages or pay per link.
15. Sponsor posts
16. Affiliate links
17. Conference sponsorships: Introducing the brand to people {not handing out cards}
18. Hosting live events {G+ hangout, Best Buy Techware party}
19. Re-selling product ~
20. Newsletter sponsors {make sure it covers your cost of sending the newsletter}
21. Running Social Media for other companies {tweeting, etc}
22. Speaking Events
23. Bartering Goods or Services
24. Monthly Membership Fees {mom-preneur shops, etc.}
25. Copy-writing ~ writing or editing content for other bloggers.
26. Virtual Assistant job
27. Aggregating ~ finding quality content for a blogger.

Don’t put all of your nest-eggs in one basket.  They key is to find at least 5 different revenue generating systems that work simultaneously as a pipeline which flows as a steady stream of income.

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