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Hey There! What’s Up?

Thanks for checking out the Mom Blog Money Blog, an online workshop.  Laurie has spoken at her last conference and is no longer consulting, speaking, or giving out advice.   She has put ALL of her knowledge and expertise into this one workshop before retirement so that all the knowledge she’s gained will continue to help others, even if she isn’t actively consulting.

Please refer to the refund policy, which you agreed to at the the time of purchase, if you have any questions.    As stated in the
terms of service
there is no support for this online training workshop.  However, the SITSgirls have graciously given you permission to use their Discussion Forums as well as their incredible blogging community for questions and support!  You will love it over there as their community is so welcoming and encouraging.

The SITSgirls believe that the secret to success is… support.

If you require technical support, feel free to fill out this contact form for a reply within 48 hours.


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