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Bang for your Buck!

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Bang for your Buck!

From Mom Blog to Money Blog online training workshop is designed with the busy mom in mind.   I have three very active boys and just like you juggle continually.  So instead of including a lot of stories and long-winded instructions, I’d prefer to SHOW you how to re-create the success that I enjoy today.

mom blog money blog online workshop for blogger

This Online Training Workshop Includes:

17  How-To Videos

Since I’m a visual learner, included are videos with screen-capture technology to easily walk you through the process of turning your Mom Blog into a Money Blog.  It’s like I’ll be right there with you on your journey every step of the way.  {squeal}

What’s great about the videos is that you can pause them if you get interrupted.  You’ll be able to see what I’m doing on my screen which eliminates so many questions and uncertainty, and you can watch them whenever you want!   Unlike a weekend conference or scheduled phone call that’s one time only, simply pull up any video you want at any time that’s convenient for you.  {I’ve got your back}

16 Printable Checklists

Re-creating someones system to success can feel overwhelming.  Therefore I have included printable checklists that you can print out, or if you’re a little techy re-create into a spreadsheet.

Not only do these checklists break down each process into small tasks but they also maximize your efforts and train your brain to work smarter… not harder.

30 Daily Assignments

Personally, I’d rather learn a new skill in a sequential timeline that’s easy to understand vs. reading bunch of random success stories and trying to come up with a strategy on my own.  So, I have broken this entire process down into Daily Tasks or assignments which cover one topic at a time.

Since we all have different schedules and responsibilities tugging at us, feel free to take each day at your own pace.  If you follow the daily schedule, great!  If not, don’t worry about it.  We already deal with enough mommy-guilt, so cut yourself some slack if one day takes a few.  If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ll probably find that you’ve already completed a few of the tasks and can accomplish several days at once.

Complete the workshop any way that works with your schedule… but do yourself {and your family} a favor and actually complete it.

Share with Your Friends

The purpose of this online training workshop is to help you to increase page views, earn passive income, and intentionally extend the reach of your blog.  If the Mom Blog Money Blog workshop has helped you accomplish these goals then be sure to tell your friends!

Earn Affiliate Income

You know I’m all about passive income, baby.  So if you are like me, then you want to earn a few bucks for every friend who buys the workshop!  Follow these instructions on how to become an affiliate and earn $20 on every sale!


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